Mark your dates for 4th Asia Pacific Precious Metals Conference on 07-09 June 2019 at Mandarin Orchard, Singapore..., 16th India International Gold Convention on 01-04 Aug 2019 at Amritsar, Punjab. Concluded Successfully...
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Artisanal gold sector is an important sector in global gold supply chain. It is important because it provides livelihood to millions of people, at the same time, it is the source of supply for many refiners who are unable to enter into long term contract with large miners. We returned from Global Gold Dore Forum held in Dubai a few days back. Our interaction with global market participants made us believe that this sector has huge potential and there is need to support this industry. OECD and other various global organizations have been working relentlessly to develop this sector and towards it, we now have a few case studies in hand which shows it is possible to increase the productivity of the sector and in the bargain it is possible to prove this gold is ethically sourced. BGR has successfully done one such project in DRC and with this kind of effort, we believe more ethically sourced gold from artisanal sector will be available in global market.
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Quote from IIGC 2017

I must congratulate first Foretell for organizing such an excellent conference. As gold convention centres around gold, we find here every stakeholder like banks, refineries, bullion dealers, jewellers, intentional organizations like LBMA, DMCC, SBMA, WGC and many others. We have delegations from African countries. So when all are here, we can definitely say that since India is going through this transformation, we are standing up to become best in the world. We have established our leaderships in various sectors like space technology, and others. This is again one area where we can establish our leadership. Time will come when India will define everything related to gold because we are going to be the largest consumers of gold and we are going to be an industry where we have the largest capacity to do the handcrafting of jewellery from gold and therefore taking that into the account, if everybody comes together – if the bankers come together, various agencies working in the industry come together – I think synergy can definitely help us achieving a vision where we will be world leaders in this and we will be deciding the fate of gold and gold industry in the world.

- Shri Manoj Kumar Dwivedi, IAS

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