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What you need to know about gold ETFs

What you need to know about gold ETFs

May 14, 2018


A gold ETF is an exchange-traded fund that aims to track the price of the domestic physical gold. The investments in gold ETFs happen on a stock exchange (NSE or BSE) with gold as the underlying asset.The gold ETFs have an edge above physical gold because they do not have the trouble that come with owning physical gold. You will not pay any making charges, storing charges and will not have to worry about your gold being stolen. The transparency in pricing is another advantage with the gold ETFs. The price on which it is bought is probably the closest to the actual gold prices and therefore the benchmark is the physical gold price.If you wish to invest in an gold ETF, all you need is a trading account with a share broker and a demat account. One may either buy in lumpsum or stagger their investments over a period. It is advisable to invest systematically rather than try to time the market.


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