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China exchange to launch first commodities ETF on Dec. 5

02 December 2019


China’s first commodities based exchange traded fund (ETF) is set to be listed and traded on Thursday, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced on its website on Monday.


 The notice said that the Huaxia Feed Soymeal Futures ETF will be listed and traded on Dec. 5, 2019.


The Shenzhen exchange had announced earlier in September that the Huaxia ETF, along with the Jianxin Yisheng Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange Energy and Energy Futures ETF and the Dacheng Nonferrous Metals Futures ETF, is the first batch of ETFs to receive regulatory approval from China Securities Regulatory Commission to be listed on it.


 Commodity ETFs focus on either a single commodity or several futures contracts, and typically track commodities futures price indexes.