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Special address by Mr. Hari Iyer, CEO and Founder, Sakthi Trading Group

''Mining" probably leaves several images. One familiar image is where prospectors blast the sides of mountains, tunnel through the earth, or pan at a river's edge for gold. Another is of environmental impacts of acid mine drainage from older mines that did not benefit from modern technology and management practices. The common view of mining is of environmental degradation. Few individuals outside the industry are aware of modern mining practices and associated business, environmental, and public policy issues or of how mining companies are responding to today's environmental challenges.

The Sakthi Group in mining has become recognized as an innovative, environmental protective adhering to the stringiest law of environment protection so that the future of the world is protected for the generations to come.

Today mining is a complex, highly regulated, multi-stakeholder, globally situated activity requiring the access to the right people, information, and the knowledge at the right time.

 As Sir Fraser Stoddart, the Board of Trustees Professor of Chemistry in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences rightly said - “The elimination of cyanide from the gold industry is of the utmost importance environmentally,”

In today’s environmentally conscious world, operators must pay extreme attention to operations that include chemical means. Processing with mercury, cyanide and lead, as in the recovery of gold and precious metals is harmful to the environment, employees and the local people. Governments and special interest groups are pressuring companies worldwide to clean up their operations, provide a safe working environment for their workers, and most importantly stop polluting the and ground water surrounding the mine. Sakthi provides ECO centric technologies, developed to reduce the risk associated with mining and refining thus protecting the environment and our indigenous people.

To Sakthi the mine of the future strategy is to develop high profit generating mining sites using innovative environmental technologies such as the Scientists at the North Western University in Illinois are using alpha-cyclodextrin, a substance commonly extracted from corn starch, to recover gold. Zhichang Liu, at the University of Illinois, has discovered another green method of gold processing. His team has uncovered an environmentally friendly replacement for activated carbon - alpha-cyclodextrin, a material commonly composed of units derived from corn starch. “We mixed nitric acid and hydrobromic acid, then we dissolved gold in the solution to extract it from the ore,” he said. The technologies are developed to automate, monitor and provide timely information that make the most of limited resources through high-value activities to “mine gold not tonnes”

We respond to “Step-change” challenge through the development of a turn key Mine processing Environment (MPE) The production capacity of our MPE is designed to optimize on capital and operational costs, modular processing flexibility, environmental and community imact, energy consumption, civil infrastructure requirements, and work force safety. Artisanal and small-scale gold mining already contributes to the livelihood of more than 200,000 miners and their families in the eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of The Congo .

Here in the DRC in Collaboration with the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural resources has supported the Congolese Ministry of Mines and its technical services in improving working conditions, environmental and social standards in the ASM Sector.

The Pilot Approach Methodology was to incentivizing legal gold sales by cooperatives.

 Installing an electronic gold traceability system. Along with existing ASM gold supply chain. Capacity building for national mining authorities and private sector stakeholders.

Electronic Gold Traceability are GPS backed electronic registration of individual gold supply chain participants and gold transactions, with automatic transmission to an on line database. Adhering to the chain of custody tracking standards consider requirements of DRC regulations, The regional Certification Mechanism, and the Due Diligence Guidance.

To enlighten you more on this subject, Let me welcome you His Highness the Governor Mr Maitre Claude Nyamugabo Bazibuhe.

Sakthi Trading provides the most reliable and professional gold marketing and supplying services available. No matter if your goal is to buy a small lot of gold Dore or MT’s of high purity refined Swiss Hall marked purity of Gold and KMR Italia Sri in Italy provides a full range of services regarding precious metal refineries.

Sakthi has formalised its association with a Swiss based Group for the testing, refining and smelting of precious metals from Africa, through its subsidiaries KMR- Kankou Moussa S. A. in Mali which is producing 999.9 purity gold.

Secure storage and the Logistic transportation. We are offering the option to securely store precious metals in safe deposits (in Switzerland, Singapore, Dubai, and Hong Kong.) and our associate SBG Group, also acting as the official agent of the forwarding company Ferrari Logistics, in Mali.

Regarding sale and distribution of bullion (gold bars, ingots, coins and jewels), Sakthi Group will produce and sell financial gold under the trademark “Swiss Bullion Company” and jewellery items under the trademark “SBC”

 Sakthi is extending the sale and distribution network of Bullion and retail gold. For this Sakthi Trading Group is setting up refineries in ( Dubai and in India), as well as chain of stores/outlets in India, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore in Joint Venture with Swiss Bullion Group AG.

SBC Group AG refines and produces pure gold coins (999.9/1000-24 carat) certified with the Hallmark released by the Central Bank of Italy ( code 4107 AL). The Gold coins are certified 100 per cent pure gold. The can be personalized with any name as wished by the clients.

Our products can be customised according to client’s design wishes ( with the company’s name logo and special pattern), including a customised individual certificate and packaging solution for enterprises and official bodies.

As Sakthi Group has been advocating the need of providing the best practices in regards to the International Level of engagement in conflict areas responsibly on a global Level for sourcing,  we at Sakthi Hope that LBMA can further reduce the time frame from 6 months to 3 months this will really help the artisanal, small-scale and medium-scale gold mining sector. This will further ensure the transparency and adherence to responsible sourcing.

To Conclude as Karen Hayes and Rachel Perks in her Book High –Value Natural Resources and Post Conflict Peace building Wrote “Nevertheless, ASM represents a tangible – and in the short term, valuable- economic opportunity for both men and women in the DRC. ASM needs little time, and therefore has significant potential to provide quick economic returns. If the sector’s association with conflict and abuse could be removed, its potential to generate peace dividends could be great. But for such a transition to occur, a deliberate and comprehensive recognition of the current and potential role of women who work in ASM is required.

Thank you

Disclaimer: Views are personal and not the views of the publisher.