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We care for your cargo

Milo Gerisch, Swiss WorldCargo -Senior Manager, Vertical Industry Precious Commodities, Banking

and Luxury Goods



Swiss WorldCargo is a diversified logistics company. How does precious metals fit into your overall objective?

Is there a natural alignment with your existing business?


Precious metals are part of the Valuables focus of Swiss WorldCargo. We are responsible for the safe and efficient transport of precious metals worldwide, using our top-of-the line security and safety standards to ensure that goods arrive in a timely manner, to the satisfaction of our clients across the globe.


When did Swiss WorldCargo enter precious metals business? How has been the journey till date?


Swiss WorldCargo has worked in the precious metals business since the company’s inauguration. Our company prides itself on being a “niche” carrier – as we are focused on carrying a variety of goods in the high-value sector. We can optimize our shipments due to our advanced capabilities and high standards of quality handling, and thus can successfully carry this out on behalf of our customers. Additionally, Switzerland is home to various metal refineries. Because of this, Swiss WorldCargo is in a unique position to help manage exports and imports of metal goods between various financial hubs throughout the world.


Can you please elaborate more on your global presence in precious metals logistics? What is that one USP which is helping you grow your business?


Swiss WorldCargo has customers across the globe, and we are responsible for helping them to effectively ship goods everywhere. Swiss International Air Lines services over 100 destinations worldwide, and Swiss WorldCargo handles the belly capacity of all freight headed to these destinations. Therefore, this allows our business to stretch from South America to Asia with everywhere in between.


Our main USP is our commitment to quality, safety and confidentiality. We are able to adhere to these standards every day with our ongoing focus on all areas. This has led to both

satisfied customers and continued opportunities for us to meet their diverse needs throughout the world.


Another important part of this USP is our ability to offer a distinct VAL product to our customers. With the VAL product, Swiss WorldCargo can offer its customers the option of explicitly defining which goods they would like to ship as “Valubales.” Thus, we are able to offer additional layers of security far surpassing IATA’s security standards to the goods of our customers’ choosing.


Can you specifically elaborate on your presence in India? What are your future plans?


Swiss WorldCargo operates daily flights to both Mumbai and Delhi. With these, SWISS and Swiss WorldCargo are strongly positioned in the Indian marketplace. Additionally, Swiss WorldCargo recently opened a new destination in Colombo, Sri Lanka, ensuring our commitment to steady traffic within the greater region.


Can you elaborate on your risk management & strategy system?


Risk management is a foundation for everything we do. Without going into too much detail, it’s clear to us that risk management is the foundation for everything – this strategy is set-up to ensure that we can meet the diverse needs of customers everywhere. With the strict set-up of specific processes, we can ensure that shipments are processed in a safe and efficient way.


Our Vertical Industry Approach is also an important part of our strategy. This approach ensures that Swiss WorldCargo is in close contact with various stakeholders across the supply chain. By collaborating closely with forwarders and shippers, we can have a better understanding of the needs of our industry, thus leading to a differentiated customer approach.


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