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BVC Logistics server over 8000 pincodes through its office in India

Rajesh Neelakanta, ED & CEO Logistics Pvt Ltd

  1. BVC Logistics is a diversified logistics company. How does precious metals fit into your business segment?

BVC – you’re right, we are a diversified logistics company, but mainly in the precious cargo industry. Thus, alongside our Diamonds, Gems & Jewellery, precious metals too plays a significant role in our business constitution.

  1. When did BVC Logistics enter precious metals business? How has been the journey till date?

BVC – it wouldn’t be wrong at all to state here that BVC has been the pioneer in the precious metals logistics services in India. Yes, we did have a downturn in this for sometime but then the learnings from our past  experiences has made us more resolute and formidable a player in this domain of logistics in India.

  1. What is that one USP which is helping you grow your business?

BVC – Risk Management is one core USP that has been close to our hearts at BVC. To demonstrate this core belief, we’ve always delivered on our promises to our customers, be it the quality of our vehicle construct, the tech adaptations for our operations and customer relationship management, people efficiencies – both field crew as well as the support functions back in our offices, adherence to our SOPs etc which all have always held us in good stead and ahead of competition. We’re investing substantial sums of money and time, in greater measure, to help lead this industry to the next level by enabling usage of tech advancements in bringing to fore seamless customer experiences.

We, at BVC, also strongly believe that in addition to risk mitigating processes and practices, one must also ensure the backing of a strong risk-redressal system manifested in the right type of Insurance cover for all our operations and one that covers our own operational risks as well as honour our obligations to our customers.

  1. Can you specifically elaborate on your presence in India?

BVC – we’re today present in 40 cities with some of them having multiple offices, totalling to about 61 across India. This foot print allows us to service over 8000 pin codes pan India, and this is much more than the current need of the industry. And this is an ever growing presence. We also have a decent-sized logistics operation for Jewellery eCommerce in India.  In addition, we have our offices in Singapore and Hong Kong, as well.

  1. Can you elaborate on your vaulting system? 

BVC – It suffices to add here that BVC has vaulting operations / presence in over 30 cities in India. The rest of our branches are equipped to handle smaller quantity of precious metals and for relatively shorter duration of time. All our facilities are completely wired to a central control room operating 24 X 7. In addition, our vehicles are equipped with the state-of-the-art security and safety gadgets that are quite remarkable for their performance efficiencies.

  1. Who are your clients?

BVC – We service a cross-section of customers across the MSME in the precious metals and jewellery trade in India alongside larger players like Traders, Refineries and Banks.

Disclaimer: Views are personal and not the views of the publisher.