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Inca One launches gold data project in Peru

Wed July 08 2020


Inca One, which operates two mineral processing facilities in the country supplied by artisanal and small-scale miners, said XplorTracker uses an extensive database of samples from gold bearing mineral gathered over six years operating in the country.


The system combines that data with mapping data it has collected through its relationships with artisanal miners, with the results used to engage further with land titleholders.


"We believe the time is right to launch the XplorTracker gold project, and realise a company initiative by filling our remaining excess capacity through the acquisition of these concessions and securing long-term gold mineral feed for both Inca One plants," said Edward Kelly, president and chief executive.


In its first phase, Inca One will look to secure mineral rights for district-scale land positions within the Peruvian Gold Belts (PGB) by analysing results from the artisan miners that are actively mining gold and currently bringing their mineral to either the firm's Kori One or Chala One plants.


Located in the Arequipa region of Peru, Chala One plant constitutes a full-service milling facility, with weighing, sampling and metallurgical test facilities, with a permitted capacity of 100t/d. Kori One, which features a carbon-in-leach gold circuit, has a maximum permitted capacity of 350 t/d.