Postponement of 17th India International Gold Convention 2020 Due to Covid-19 (was supposed to be held on 3-5 September 2020) and will keep you updated on new dates shortly....
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Canadian Gold Miner Shrugs Off Coup to Boost Output in Mali

15 September 2020


In just 8 months of 2020, it is estimated that gold supplies to India have halved compared to January-August 2019 and amounted to $ 11.349 billion.


The most “disastrous” month of the current year was April, when, against the background of the national lockdown in India, the import of gold into the country actually stopped and amounted to only $ 3 million. Since then, the volumes have gradually grown and returned to normal levels in July. Meanwhile, the indicator for August is a solid value even for “dock” times. By comparison, on average in 2018-2019, it is estimated that India imported approximately $ 2.6 billion of gold per month.India is one of the largest consumers of gold in the world, producing almost no gold itself. In 2019, it was estimated that gold shipments to India were about $ 31.2 billion.