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Promising industry: in the Odessa region are ready to allow gold mining

02 December 2020


The State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine announced the sale of rights for gold mining in the north of the Odessa region. Gold-bearing areas are proposed for development for a period of five years.


The first site, "Kvitkovy", has an area of ​​669 hectares. 25 wells have been drilled on it. Experts predict the content of 0.1-14.7 grams of gold per ton of ore. The second site, Mayskom, has about 3.4 grams of precious metal per ton. The area of ​​this site is less - 252 hectares, and the number of wells, on the contrary, is more - 177.


For your information, Ukraine has huge reserves of gold, according to estimates - about 3 thousand tons, but we are not using our potential. Gold, which is used in production, is imported from abroad. The problem is that the development of gold deposits is a very expensive process: only for exploration it is necessary to attract about 3 billion hryvnia.